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Nemoli Slate Sofa (4580638)

71 099 руб.
The Nemoli sofa sets the scene for a modern space full of casual flair. Its textured chenille with solid microfiber upholstery provides a luxuriously soft feel that’s inviting. Gently flared arms and plush seat cushions welcome comfort and relaxation. The on-trend slate-colored upholstery offers a perfect background for the four decorative pillows to pop with beauty.
  • Sofa Ширина: 233.68 CM.
  • Sofa Глубина: 101.60 CM.
  • Sofa Высота: 104.14 CM.
Дополнительная информация
Комплектация Диваны
Рисунок Однотонный
Обивка Шенилл, Микрофибра
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