Mirimyn Стилизованный шкаф (T505-562)

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With its distressed finish made to look like fabulously faded antique white paint, the Mirimyn cabinet is an eclectic piece that beautiПолутораспальныеy suits so many spaces, including the dining room, Гостиная and entryway. Ornately scrolled filigree front Дверцы with mirrored glass inlays are a reflection of your fine taste and stylish flair. Adjustable shelving enhances its form and function.
  • Стилизованный шкаф с дверцами Ширина: 171.78 CM.
  • Стилизованный шкаф с дверцами Глубина: 40.64 CM.
  • Стилизованный шкаф с дверцами Высота: 91.44 CM.
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Lifestyle Vintage Casual
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