Foundation Основание двуспальной кровати (M80X32)

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It's a lot about the base. The 1-2 combination of a supportive mattress and well-built foundation is just what you need for restful sleep. With solid wood construction, a diagonal bar and corner supports, there's extra support and durability built into this foundation. Smooth nonskid surface hСтаринные every style of mattress in place, including hybrid, memory foam and innerРессоры mattresses.
  • Основание двуспальной кровати Ширина: 151.13 CM.
  • Основание двуспальной кровати Глубина: 200.66 CM.
  • Основание двуспальной кровати Высота: 22.86 CM.
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Размер кровати Двухспальный Queen
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